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As a digital marketer and strategists, have you considered what your digital strategy to ensure Brand Safety online is or should be?  Watching a recent episode of The Devi Show with a friend/digital strategist, I was asked about Brand Safety online given the growth of online media consumption, the US elections ‘fake news’ debacle and use of third party cookie data being restricted and soon to be phased out.

Where to advertise?  How reach online consumers? What should be your multi-channel digital strategy be? How can you ensure brand safety for your brands?

No doubt that the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown in various countries, states and cities has had an impact on how consumers consume and use news media platforms.  Daily, consumers are turning to their smart phones and mobile apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones.  The virtual life of Zoom meetings and digital interaction is seeing a drastic rise in digital media consumption as consumers seek ‘real time’ ways to not ‘feel so alone’ and ‘disconnected’ during this time.

We at Media Connect, a digital media house, have seen and are enjoying the growth in media consumption of our digital advertising platform – newsletter display advertising.  Our editorial email newsletters are enjoying high open rates with even above high Ad-click-through rates.

Evidence that consumers continue to trust the content we provide and most importantly, prefer ads tailored to their interests with less invasive advertising. As marketers and advertisers you need cost-effective ways to achieve your brands; financial objectives with even less data to validate campaigns.  Without access to third-party cookie data, combined with the importance of privacy, marketers are required to get even more creative in their approach toward digital marketing strategy.

So what next…

It doesn’t bode all to well for digital media buying agencies, given this current landscape of Dark PR i.e. distribution of fake news, especially by ‘trusted’ news sources and a cookie-less internet…enter email marketing, a trusted-back-to-basics media platform!  Through our product re-imagination and innovation, Media Connect, has not only created a product that advertisers will want once third-party tracking goes away, will be key in leveraging first-party data.

More than that, because our content is curated and written by seasoned journalists, consumers know and trust our publishers.  Because our newsletter content is vetted, we can ensure your brand safety as your brand appears alongside trusted content from reputable publishers.  What we offers is brand association and content highlights that drive organic brand visibility as well as products/service features and benefits awareness to an audience of opted-in subscribers.

Furthermore, our newsletter Display Advertising reaches readers through content they love, suited to however they are consuming it and sent at a time we know that they are the most receptive.

Ranging from our most-read local news headline roundups, to our lifestyle and specialist interest titles, we can showcase brands to a relevant, highly engaged, high net worth and actively engaged digital audience of opted-in subscribers.

So why not add newsletter display advertising to your digital strategy and focus your Brands online safety and advertising to directly connecting with High Net Worth audiences and take full ownership of one digital sales channel today!